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CECW Program


The Hague from 10 to 15 May 2022

10-05-2022: OPENING CEREMONY (Minrex) at NH Hotel WTC

9:00-9:45, WTC/NH

9:45-10:00, WTC/NH
Arrival of various authorities

10:05-11: 00, WTC/NH
Opening Speeches of the Cameroon Economic and cultural week +official Opening of The Village and Arts Galerie

11:10-12:45, WTC/NH
Panel Discussion: Cameroon- Netherlands Business Forum (Minepat SND30, API, Legal, The Netherland Business matrix in Cmr)

12:50: 14:50

15:00-16:30, WTC/NH
Panel Discussion: State of Play Agribusiness, Horticulture in Cameroon, and The Netherlands (Chambers of Agriculture, The Netherlands’ Cies, Jangolo)

16:45-17:45, WTC/NH
Financing, Green Economy and Education as one of the solutions to strengthen economic sectors: satellite and space technology applications, Green Funds (CFC, DR Aminou, Lux, Kamga).

Culture as a driven force for development and Cameroon with keynote speech By Mme Dumas president of Gacha cultural Foundation followed by A vernissage

19:15- 20:45
Diner offered by The Minister of External relations

11-05-2022 Minepat, MINAC ANTIC API (Field Visit of Mayors at Vassenaar)

10:00-11:00, WTC/NH
Panel Discussion
Trade Facilitation: bridge-building actions of the ports of The Netherlands and Cameroon and those of The chambers of commerce

11:00-12:30, WTC/NH
Presentation of some key Projects by Cameroon to The Dutch Investors (Minepat,PAD, PAK, Camtel)

12:30-14:55, WTC/NH
Lunch and B2B

15:00-16:00, WTC/NH
Sharing of experience and Investment Opportunities in: Trading, Digitalization, Agrobusiness, Banking & Finance, Energy

16:15-17:30, WTC/NH
Doing Business in : Conversation with - Mr. Zwinkels & Mr Peter lock and some Dutch Companies present In Yaoundé)

19:30-22:00, WTC/NH
usiness dinner under the Patronage of The Minepat: (Cocoa Valley and Utamtsi presenting our best coffee and Chocolate)

12-05-2022 Cities and Municipalities as actors of development:( Rotterdam  visit ongoing)

10.00: 11:30, WTC/NH
Concrete tips, best practices, know-how and ideas on :
Waste management, job creation, Water Management, green financing of reforestation and green cities, green energy, urban mobility transportation, sports and culture

11.30-13.00, WTC/NH
ICT, digitalization Projects and tools to better markets products: Tourism, e.commerce and services (Remy poliwa, Afrochic Travels…)


From brain drain to brain gain: A new vision for a better partnership

16:30 -17:30, WTC/NH
B2B creating link for tomorrow: Tourism(Aviatour, AFrochic Travels, Zingana Hotel),

19:00-20:30, WTC/NH
Jazz band Cameroon talents at live: Sport and Tourism with Roger Milla, Andre Onana, Eyoung Enoh, Vanesa Mballa, Helene Wezeu

Free diner


Field Visits

14-05-2022: Cameroonians abroad Day (Minrex, DG,s, Mayors)

10.00-11:30, WTC/NH
Panel discussion: tailored policies and offers for Cameroonians abroad (Minrex and Specialized Cameroon public Compagnies CNPS, Credit Foncier Cameroun, SIC)

11:30-13:00, WTC/NH
Some key projects presented by the diaspora

20:00-02 00, WTC/NH

Gala (of charity and friendship Recognition)

Please note:

  • from Tuesday 10 till Friday 13 a VIP room is available under planning for B2B discussion.

  • Dedicated work sessions are:

    • Wednesday May 11, Mayors are received by The Mayor of Wassenaar

    • Thursday May 12, PAD&PAK are received by The Port of Rotterdam

    • Friday May 13, PAD&PAK are Received by the Port of Amsterdam

  • Fields Visit Starts on Thursday May 12(Horticulture and Technical Schools) with a full dedicated day on Friday May 13 for Milk and cheese Factory.

WTC/NH Hotel address

Prinses Margrietplantsoen 100

2595 BR The Hague