B2B Match Making: Meet your new partners

Africa Quest Holdings B.V, a.mutesa@aq-consulting.eu

Offering: Dutch potential partnership

Looking for: Partnership and network

ICON Production Cameroon, lionel.tousse@iconprodafrica.com

Offering: Assists the nerlandees company in Public Relations and advertising, lobbying and facility, if they opened their structure in Cameroon.

Looking for: companies willing to settle in Cameroon and compagnies that may need PR and advertising assistance

Novodi, felix@hero-iot.com

Offering: Idea management platform with support for the Internet of Things applications and digital transformation.

Looking for: Technology innovators who are eager to address the German and Dutch market.

SocietyWorks, margreet@societyworks.nl

Offering: A Mobile application for Social Entrepreneurs working on Food Security in different African Countries and those who want to support them

Looking for: Support for the further development of the Mobile application for social entrepreneurs working in different African countries on Food Security

Sole Leone Gem Academy
partner of The World Gem Foundation with Dutch Gem Academy, leone@soleleone.nl

Offering: Information how they can upgrade gemmological information within the companies involved in mining, cutting or working with gems.

Looking for: Investigate how we can join forces to improve knowledge where the gems are found and mined.

Also to make gemmological education accessible and affordable to those working in these gem producing areas. To help people to become more knowledgeable about the quality of the products they are producing and their 'true value' on the world market.

The Breadhouse Foundation, eric@thebreadhouse.org

Offering: Share the concept Baketainer (bread supply fot the poor)

Looking for: collaboration for realization

ZANGUE&PARTNERS - AVOCATS, serges.zangue@zangueandpartners.com

Offering: Legal assistance to investors in relation Cameroonian law, and;

Introducing certain investment opportunities in Cameroon and Central Africa